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About me:

Who I am and what I do:


For as long as I can remember, I was always an outcast. 

There was no solace between school and home life, as I was beaten up and picked on regularly- so much so that even as a child of eight years old, I wanted to die.


Having somehow survived all that, I put it aside, and eventually carved a path for myself, traveling the world, working as a sought after photographer.  However in my early 30's, everything caught up with me. and trying my best to avoid "me," cocaine and alcohol became constant companions.


I traveled the lonely road of addiction until it almost consumed me, and found my way through a combination of healing techniques (FasterEFT, Silva Method, & Neuro-training - all of which I incorporate with clients now), and the greatest support ever- my wife, Manj Sehra. 

In my therapeutic work, based on these experiences from the very real process of recognizing the truth about myself in my own life, removing layer after layer of old "stuff," coupled with the knowledge gained through education, and clients, it is a great honor for me - together with my clients - to find out the issue as to why one continues to circle around in the same patterns over and over again, and reprogram your life.

Allow me to be your guide who cracks through the very thing(s) that weakens you and prevents you from living in harmony with yourself, others and life itself.


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Working Together:

"It gives me great peace to be able to assist in your healing journey. That is my job."

Led by my intuition, I work on a very individual basis, therefore no two sessions are alike. My focus is wholely on you and your personal experience and needs.

How the process works: 

We begin with an assessment phone-call after your initial inquiry, to paint a picture of what's going on. 

If/when we are in accordance, once your payment is made below, we set a date and time for our meeting, be it in person (skype/telephone). 

Upon our meeting, I work intuitively from your starting point - your most pressing "issue,"-  which will naturally lead to other situations/experiences that may be buried deep inside you. 

In essence, what you arrive with is just the tip of the iceberg, and other (subconscious) things will most likely arise, which we will deal with as they come. 

It is of my experience that two 60 minutes sessions are enough to get on your way. My goal is to teach you how to do the work yourself, however you are welcome to come back should you need, and any follow up session would be determined thereafter. 

Please note, as an extension for you,  I am on call / Skype for guidance, questions, or urgent situations following the initial session. 



"In 2016, I finally won: thx to the experience and coaching from Juraj, I made a three million USD deal with ASROMA football club, and all organized from Slovakia..." more


"The single most pressing issue that my dear husband helped me with, was overcoming having been raped. From there it was releasing pain and hurt from my body that I'd been holding onto for much too long...." more


"One session with my friend Juraj was enough and my life has changed from upside down. Or better the exact opposite, from downside up! Because it was incredible how my fears and doubts have run away..." more

Investing in You

Session possibilities:  

-One to one in person, (in the comfort of your home, office or my space), &/or 

-via telephone, &/ or

-via  Skype.

Complimentary Call


Corporate and group rates are available, please send your request or inquiry here. 

**Sessions may be used between family members.

Looking forward to working together.


Thank you for your payment.

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